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Brendan Baig

Harmonizing Passion with Innovation

Spider-Man 4 (Main Titles) | Final Swing - Brendan Baig [Original Theme By Danny Elfman]

Spider-Man 4 (Main Titles) | Final Swing - Brendan Baig [Original Theme By Danny Elfman]

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Who is Brendan Baig?

Brendan Baig is a 21-year-old multimedia music composer based in California and a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Music Composition (Concert Music) at Chapman University. Born in Pennsylvania, Brendan primarily composes film/concert music and has completed work(s) for Emmaus High School, various ensembles, solo players, and filmmakers. 


Brendan has currently completed 70 works with 18 works attributed to film and 28 works attributed to concert repertoire with the rest done for fun :). For his symphonic band piece “The March Of The Hornets'', Brendan was selected as one of the winners of the “PMEA Composition Program – Open Track” competition in 2021. In 2023, Brendan scored the film “The Red Eclipse!”, which has amassed 1 million views (at the time of writing) on YouTube. In the Spring of 2023, Brendan’s piece “In This Together” had its world premiere in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, and was performed by the EHS String Orchestra. 

Brendan’s interest in composing music is not limited to film and concert music. He is currently studying experimental and traditional sound practices that are expanding the scope and quality of his work, aiming to infuse genres/styles/techniques that are geared towards a fresh and innovative sound. And when needed, Brendan can produce high-quality scores/sheet music at an efficient pace. Please reach out to Brendan (via email) to view examples of his scores/sheet music. Brendan looks forward to completing his B.M. degree at Chapman University and collaborating with diverse artists in different mediums, across various industries!

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"Brendan Baig is a really professional composer I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Not only does he try his hardest in a collaborative sense, but he's also all-around a very chill guy. Due to his involvement, he has enhanced the quality of my works, and I'm sure to be hiring him in the future." 

Ezekiel Iammarino

(Director of "The Red Eclipse!"/Animator)


Brendan speaking at the World Premiere of his piece "In This Together"  (2023).

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